You Can’t Build Muscle by Copying Professionals

Don’t get me wrong, professional bodybuilders undoubtedly deserve respect for what they have accomplished: awesome physiques which put us in awe, and put them in the top 1% of the world’s population, without a shadow of a doubt.

I also don’t believe anybody can ever take anything away from them; they have trained hard for many, many years, have the kind of single-minded mental dedication few of us could even imagine, and, they have made awesome accomplishments.

Think about it: even as an amateur who just does this for fun and fitness and to look a little better, the amount of dedication it takes just to do that can seem, by the standards of non-participants, as mind-boggling. So imagine what the pros have to go through?

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean they know what is best for you, me, nor anybody else, for that matter. And, as a result, it is my firm belief that, taking advice from a pro bodybuilder can often be unbeneficial, detrimental or even dangerous.

First of all, pros aren’t normal people. True, they may have regular names like John, Ron, Tom, etc. But, they aren’t like you or I.

Because of the years they have put in to training, and the immense size of their physiques, they are capable of feats of strength and endurance which few of us mere mortals would ever be able to match. And, unfortunately, many people find themselves trying to copy, verbatim, a regime which a pro is doing, from a muscle magazine.

I admire anybody’s enthusiasm in trying new things, but, you should always keep in mind that pro bodybuilders, in addition to having huge, powerfully physiques which are highly conditioned over years and years of hard training… are… taking steroids, HGH, and anything else which allows them to grow and recover quickly.

There, I’ve said it. They’re juicin’

Like I say, I don’t knock them. They have to. How could they compete, otherwise? Unfortunately, that is pro bodybuilding, and, anybody who thinks otherwise is living in fantasy land.

Never believe anyone who is an absolute giant, and who tells you that they don’t use steroids. People simply aren’t capable of growing to those kinds of freaky sizes we see today without them. It’s just a fact, and, if you didn’t know it, I’m sorry to burst your bubble… but it really is for your own good to realize this.

Consider this as a perfect example of their denial…

Anybody who believes that Ronnie doesn’t use steroids, just because he says, would do good to look at the fact that, if he ever admitted otherwise, not only would he lose his job as a police officer (yes, that is his day job), and face criminal charges for possession of an illegal drug, but, he’d be stripped of his pro-bodybuilding card in a heartbeat. And… I have to admit… that wouldn’t be fair at all. No, that’s not sarcasm, either. It wouldn’t be fair because, every other pro bodybuilder up there is also juicing, and, to single one out, would be very unfair, in my opinion.

Steroids and HGH not only allow a person to grow at a superhuman rate and to a superhuman size, but, they also aid in muscular recovery. This is why many pro bodybuilders talk of doing 10, 15, 20, 30 sets per exercise for hours and hour at a time, every day. The danger here is, the average Joe reading this will think that is how he can also get big, when in fact, if he doesn’t die trying, he’s very likely to burn himself out and quickly lose any muscle he does have through severely overtraining.

Not only this, but the paramount reason for not copying pro’s is, health reasons. If you want to be as huge as they are, you are going to have to do steroids, HGH and everything else, and, would you really want to put your health at risk in such a way?

Think about it. Arnold, as great as he was, has a failing body. He puts his quadruple heart bypass down to the fact it’s hereditary (even though he admitted using steroids in an early edition of one of his books before his political career took off)… and given he’s so passionate about pro bodybuilding even though he no longer competes… he’s never, ever going to turn around and say: “steroids did this to me, stay away from them.” No. Not even on his deathbed… because, no steroids equals no pro bodybuilding.

Why? Because, there would always be a cheat… but… since the way things are at the moment, everybody is allowed (well, not officially) that advantage, so nobody suffers and nobody is cheating. And I truly believe in the world of physique competition that will always be the case in the pro division (and even the natural divisions, as sad as that is.)

Also, enough evidence is out there to prove these substances have seriously negative implications on health… and, that’s why you often get people who band together swearing it’s safe – I believe they call that kidding yourself, and, having others spout the same disproved tripe about steroids being perfectly safe is something of a comfort to them, so they can damage their bodies in ignorant bliss.

This is a hard hitting article, I know. Harsh, even. But it’s the 100% truth which needed to be said, for your sake.

You see what I mean now?

So, invariably, for a person to follow a similar routine to a pro, they themselves would have to be a huge, advanced bodybuilder, and use steroids, HGH, and so forth. It’s just the facts, unfortunately. In my book, it’s not worth it at all.

Having said that, there is always something to learn from people which could be tailored and customized to your own needs. But, honestly, following them as a hobby is great… but when it comes to copying, you need to forget what they are doing: they truly are in a league of their own – dangers and all.

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