Why Is It Important to Lift Weights

I get a lot of people asking me about weight training, in real life and through my website. People normally want to either compliment me (hey, I love it!) or they want to know how they can get in shape. I’m always glad to help them.

Some people though take me completely by surprise when they look at me like I’ve just stepped off a space ship, before saying something like: ‘Why have you done this?’ or ‘What’s the point?’

Now, I’m secure enough in myself not to take offence. Weight training isn’t for everyone, and I dare say many people – women in particular – may not go for guys who are well muscled, but, from my experience they are the minority.

I guess everyone has their own reasons, but to me, my own personal reasons for lifting weights are as follows:

  • I enjoy looking good.
  • I enjoy being strong.
  • I’ve been averaged bodied before and I prefer this.
  • I love the feeling of achievement I get from progressing in strength and appearance.
  • It takes dedication which carries through into other areas of my life, my job, etc.
  • Women love it.
  • Guys respect it.
  • Doing weights and looking good is better than not doing weights and not looking good. No-brainer!

I also enjoy the health benefits. I feel good, and I’ve no doubt at all that my heart and my internals are in much better physical shape than they were before I started.

But the best part is, when everyone else is deteriorating as they get older, I’m still going to look and feel great. How could any human being not enjoy that thought?

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