What Vitamins Help Build Muscle?

There are numerous vitamins that help in the repair and growth of muscle tissue with the most beneficial being Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, in my humble opinion.

Here’s why…

Vitamin A Increases Testosterone Secretion

In a little-known study a group of teenage boys were split in half with one half given testosterone supplementation and the other half vitamin A supplementation. Both were tracked over a period of time and it was found the group supplementing with vitamin A were only very closely behind the group taking testosterone in terms of growth, which suggests it’s entirely possible to speed up your bodybuilding efforts, perhaps not as fast as steroids, but almost as fast by eating adequate amounts of vitamin A.

Vitamin A can be found in cod liver oil, liver and in smaller ammounts in eggs and beef. I personally recommend supplementing with cod liver oil (capsules if you cannot stand the taste).

Vitamin B12 Helps the Growth of Muscles

Vitamin B12 can be found readily in fish, eggs, red meat and chicken. It’s main function aside from providing you with more energy is maintaining the tissue of your nervous system and ensures the signals from your brain to the muscles are optimal.

Vitamin C Helps Create and Release Testosterone

Found mostly in citrus fruits (though far easier to take actual vitamin C capsules or in chewable form) Vitamin C is responsible for the recovery and growth of muscle cells. It is important to consume vitamin C post-workout when you’re resting and the muscles enter the repair phase, and taking vitamin C will help avoid injury when lifting heavy.

It’s not often you will see me recommending tons of supplements and vitamins, so when you see me making recommendations, please take note. I aren’t here trying to sell them or push supplements – I’ll leave that to the other bodybuilding websites – I’m only here to advise you on what works based on my own experience.

As is always the case, extra supplementing isn’t a requirement and you can still build muscle without taking any form of supplements or extra vitamins, but it is possible to speed up your gains slightly by being smart about what extra nutrients you chose to put in to your body.

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