What Promotes Fast Muscle Growth?

Everyone wants to know what the fastest way to build muscle is. Steroids and HGH would be the correct answer. But, assuming you don’t want to risk your health or don’t believe in taking artificial growth enhancers, then I have several other tips that will maximize your muscle building speed.

1: Eat plenty of protein

Some people eat an incredible amount of protein. I’ve seen bodybuilders eating 3g per lb of bodyweight. Personally, I always shoot for 1 – 1.5g and no more.

Unless you are a vegetarian who doesn’t drink milk or eat fish or eggs, it would be very difficult for you to actually avoid consuming some form of complete protein altogether. With that in mind, you’ll always have some protein to help your muscle building efforts.

But, the secret is to maximize your gains – and for that you certainly need to take in more protein. Shoot for 1 – 1.5g per lb of bodyweight and you’ll see what a difference it makes.

2: Eat every 3 hours

Probably the biggest mistake most trainees make is they don’t eat every 3 hours. It is absolutely essential to do this. From the minute you leave the weight room, your muscles are in a fight to repair and grow bigger and stronger. Every second of the time before your next session, you need to ensure you are feeding your muscles a constant and steady stream of nutrients.

Every hour your muscles are left short is a complete stall, or at worst, a backwards step. This is why it’s a smart thing to eat several small meals a day, one every 3 hours, rather than just waiting for hours and hours for huge meals. Small meals are more easily digested and easier to eat. There is nothing more difficult than having to eat an enormous meal when you aren’t hungry – but eating a small meal is easy.

3: Rest

If you are the sort of person who lifts weights for fitness, then the chances are you are the sort of person who is quite active and enjoys doing other sports or fitness. But, by doing too much of these things you are taking away from your muscle gains.

Like I said, from the minute you leave the weights room your muscles are fighting to recover and re-grow bigger and stronger. In order to do this, they need 2 things: sufficient energy from food (energy which you are taking away from them by burning it on other activities) and they need to be broken down no further. (i.e.: If you are just recovering from doing squats the day before, then going on a 5 mile jog the next day probably won’t help your muscle fibres very much, but break them down further, delaying their repair.)

It’s quite a hard fact to accept, but, if you lay off other activities for just a few months and put all of your efforts into building muscle, you can come back to your other activities again later. It’s like they say, you can’t do everything at once…

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