What is Muscle Milk?

Muscle Milk is the new supplement everybody is raving about. It’s unlikely you’ll find a single bodybuilding forum, or website, which isn’t abuzz with it. In this article I will explain what it is, if it’s safe and whether or not Muscle Milk is good or bad for you.

Let’s first start off by explaining what Muscle Milk is. In short, Muscle Milk is a protein supplement which has been carefully patterned after a mother’s breast milk, and is said to include the same healthy anabolic properties. Yes – you heard that right, a mother’s breast milk. The idea being, a growing bodybuilder can also benefit from the same anabolic properties of breast milk.

Each serving is fairly calorie dense, at 350 calories, with 32g of protein and 18g of fat per serving.

The fats in Muscle Milk form a system called Lean Lipids. The basic premise of Lean Lipids is that unlike most fats, they are actually readily available to be burned, forming energy for your workout, and aren’t simply stored as body fat.

The anabolic mix of proteins, amino acids and peptides forms another system in Muscle Milk called EvoPro.

Muscle Milk is also touted as being able to promote muscle growth quicker than weight gainers, whey protein and creatine. It is also said to be great for helping a person to lose body fat, given its special Lean Lipids make up.

As with anything, many people have reported great growth and swear by it. It’s also noted for its extremely favourable taste, which is usually the first thing – or, sometimes rather worryingly, only thing – that many people seem to comment on.

One myth about Muscle Milk that needs debunking is, many seem to believe it holds some magical ability that enables it to grow muscle and burns body fat at the same time. This is sheer nonsense. For muscles to grow, a calorie surplus must be there. To burn fat, a calorie deficit must be there. It is absolutely impossible therefore, to have both at the same time, and achieve both goals at the same time.

Muscle Milk is also a little pricey compared to other protein supplements, leading many to believe it is little more than a glorified protein powder backed by an extremely clever marketing gimmick.

But… as with anything, it has its followers, and its detractors. Only personal experience can ultimately decide which you become. For a few bucks more than your regular protein, I certainly believe it can’t perform any worse nor are there any safety concerns, so it may well be worth a go – you could be pleasantly surprised.

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