What is Muscle Memory?

The body is an amazing thing – a very amazing thing. Take the human memory, for instance. The average senior citizen can recall events that happened when they were children. That could be 60, 70 or more years ago. And, although certain things can’t be recalled because they become forgotten or warped with time – by people of all ages – the subconscious memory remembers everything with clarity.

Well, it turns out the memory isn’t the only thing that remembers, the muscles do to.

What on earth does this mean?

For years, bodybuilders have been observing a very strange, but very real phenomenon: that when they lost size through lack of training, when they got back into it, they regained the size they previously had very, very quickly. In fact, in far less time than it took to get that muscle size the first time around.

But, how could this be?

Truly, nobody knows the exact reason for this, but many have their own theories. One theory which makes a lot of sense involves the tough ‘wrapping’ the muscles are ‘bundled’ in by, the muscle fascia.

The theory works like this: the muscle fascia is very tough and works very hard to keep the muscles the size they are, but, with persistent training and pushing the muscles into temporary-bigger size by getting a pump, the fascia eventually stretches a little, permitting some growth.

Now, when the muscles atrophy (shrink) through not training, the fascia they are kept in is now much more pliable than before, and permits growth much easier than the first time around.

But remember, that is just a theory – but it’s as good as any. The main thing is, muscle memory is real.

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