Visualization Techniques to Build Muscle

I’ve never really been a person to subscribe to mumbo-jumbo witch doctor stuff. I’m a rational (well, normally) type of guy who is well grounded and doesn’t get carried away with the paranormal or anything that’s not scientific.

This is why it may come as a surprise to you when I say that visualization is an important part of bodybuilding. You’ve got to see in your minds eye what results you want, or you’ll have a very difficult time in achieving them.

Ask any person who’s achieved great results in bodybuilding – particularly the pro’s. You’d be hard pressed to find any which don’t use some form of visualization techniques.

But what the hell is this, I mean, why are they so important? Is it magic?

From the outset, it may certainly seem like that. You know, ‘All you have to do is visualize it, and it happens’. It certainly seems magic. To some, it may be the mysterious mind-body connection at work – and they may well be right.

I, however, have a much more worldly explanation.

I simply believe with bodybuilding – like anything in life – when we set our minds to achieving a specific target, we put in so much more effort into making that target come true – become a reality – that we get better results.

Take this for a quick example:

There are 2 guys of equal size and genetic capabilities. (Ok, ok, clones, then!). Both are on the same workout program, eating the same stuff, etc. Clone 1 has specific ideas about what he wants. He wants 17” biceps… nothing more and nothing less. Clone 2, on the other hand, just ‘wants to get big.’ Fair enough.

As time goes by, Clone 1 is closing in on his goal. He’s seeing the tape measure continue to expand… he’s getting closer and closer, and he’s more motivated than ever, and continues giving it 100% in the gym to make his goal a reality. His feeling of achievement is indescribable.

Clone 2 on the other hand, well, he’s less than satisfied. He’s grown big, but, he’s not really happy still. He’s not set himself any targets, so his feeling of achievement and excitement isn’t as great. So, he’s started slacking a bit, giving it less than 100% in the gym. He’s no clear direction. No real targets to aim for. It’s not long before Clone 1 is excelling, while his genetic equal is slacking.

Do you see what I mean?

Rather than the body responding to the mind and creating what the mind sees, maybe visualization techniques work because they focus your mind on putting in complete, uncompromising effort, which is what really yields the results. All I know is, the clearer you see your goals in life, the closer you’ll get to achieving and surpassing them – and the greater the feeling of achievement and enjoyment you’ll experience along the way. Who’s the real winner?

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