Using Dextrose for Bodybuilding

When you utilize your muscles during a heavy workout, they are depleted of their glycogen – which is what provides the energy to perform exercise to begin with. Having adequate glycogen stores at all times is also important for promoting muscle growth, repair and recovery.

Carbohydrates are required to replenish glycogen stores and the higher on the GI scale the better, meaning simple carbohydrates such as sugar as complex carbohydrates like oats aren’t sufficient post-workout because they take longer for your body to absorb and its crucial stores are replaced right away, therefore it’s recommended to utilize simple carbohydrates, with dextrose being a popular choice in bodybuilding circles.

Dextrose is pure glucose which is ideal to take in right after your workout by simply mixing it with water and drinking it from a glass – it’s cheap to get hold of, convenient and a superior alternative to eating foods during your post-workout period. There isn’t anything that enters your bloodstream as quick – except a shot of Vodka in the eye, but that doesn’t contain sugar nor help with bodybuilding and it was my birthday.

It’s true you can live without using dextrose and taking simple sugars after your workout, and unless you’re extremely dedicated you may be wasting your money using it since there is so much else one can accomplish to ensure their muscle building efforts are operating at high efficiency, such as your complete dedication to diet and your training.

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