Tricep Dips: Bench & Regular Dips

Bodybuilders looking to improve arm size and strength in various exercises from bench pressing to various overhead presses need to train the triceps in the right way.

Tricep dips are an excellent, if not underused exercise for this purpose.

There are numerous ways to perform tricep dips…

Method 1: Bench Dips

This is a method for those who don’t have access to dip stations.

Create a bridge of sorts suspending your body between 2 benches, with your hands on the edge of a bench behind you around shoulder width apart, and, your legs straight in front of you, heels on a bench slightly higher.

Now, simply lower yourself as low as you can go by bending at the elbows, and push yourself back up.

Locking out tends to hit the top of the triceps more, whilst stopping short of lockout works the lower areas of the triceps.

Of course, a plate can be added by a partner should you require extra weight.

Method 2: Regular Dips

These sorts of dips are done using a dipping station.

Take a good firm grip of the bars in the dipping station. Lock your arms out, and then lower as far down as you can, trying to maintain as upright a posture as possible – the more upright, the more triceps involved and the less chest involvement – and then press back up.

Intensity of this exercise can be increased by using added weight with a dip belt, or, by not locking the elbows out at the top so the tension is constantly on the triceps.

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