Top Muscle Building Foods: Eggs, Tuna & Oats

When gaining mass there are certain foods that make far better choices than others, for instance it would be unwise to consume cakes and fast-food on a daily basis as food loaded with sugar is going to create havoc with your blood sugar levels and fast-food generally lacks nutrients which we must try to feed our bodies to help the recovery and growth process of new muscle after we have worked out.

I’m going to list what I believe to be the top muscle building foods available for each macronutrient i.e. the best protein, fat and carbohydrate source.

They are as follows:

Protein: Eggs

Boiled, scrambled or poached, eggs make one of the best choices of food for building muscle due to the rapid and complete absorption rate. This means that nearly all of the protein in the egg will be digested and utilized – over 95% of it. No other food can claim this degree of protein absorption in the body.

The egg yolk is also packed full of nutrients, much more than that of the egg white, which is why it baffles me some people throw out the yolk under the mistaken belief that it’s bad for them. The yolk contains Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D all of which are crucial in aiding recovery, plus many more nutrients.

Fat: Tuna

Most people turn their heads up at tuna, but bodybuilders should develop a taste for it that rivals that of a cat, because oily fish such as tuna is packed with Omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid. Omega-3 helps protect your joints and research has showed it may have muscle-preserving benefits – great for when you’re cutting and burning fat.

Carbohydrate: Oats

Carbohydrates are important to bodybuilders because without eating sufficient carbs, they simply wouldn’t have the energy required to hit the weight room and perform a good, taxing workout to spur on more growth. Carbohydrates provide our muscles with glycogen which is primarily where our energy comes from. Carbs should usually make up at least 40% of your diet and this is where oats come in.

Oats are easy to eat, either raw with milk (as I prefer), or cooked in milk which I have on occasion. They are also low on the GI scale meaning they won’t spike insulin levels and instead they provide steady slow-released energy. Plus, they’re very cheap and cost-effective. Lest we not forget bodybuilding can be an expensive hobby at the best of times.

I recommend including eggs, tuna and oats as part of your staple diet as they are superior foods for building muscle for the reasons stated above.

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