workout-logIt is important to track your workout and monitor your progress so that you can stay focus on achieving your fitness goals.

Download and print out the free workout log below to start tracking your workout progress.

This workout log focuses on weight training exercises, and can be used to plan your overall weight training program.




Download Link:

1. Download the workout log in Excel format (Customizable according to your workout needs)


2. Download the printable workout log in PDF format (Print and bring it along with you to the gym)

(Right click and choose “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” to save it to your computer.)

Warm Up

Warming up before a workout is important to get your heart pumping and blood vessels flowing. Warm up exercise can includes cardio activities and proper stretching.

Calculate Your One Rep Max

In the workout log Excel format, we’ve also included an One Rep Max calculator for you to calculate your one-rep max (1RM). However, do note that the calculations are just an estimates and you should always exercise necessary precautions when performing any weight training.