Thigh Exercises for Strengthening Your Quads

If you are looking to add some serious body weight and overall body strength, there is no question about it – you need to work the thighs.

The thighs (more commonly known in bodybuilding as the quads) are the largest and most powerful muscles in the entire body, and they are also fairly easy to build – using the right exercises, of course.

Now, to build the thighs, I strongly advise you go for the best exercise you can – and that is the squats.

Some people find squatting difficult, normally because of their body proportions (long legged, short backed lifters in particular) so avoid doing squats point blank. While squats done in the regular way may be difficult and not super effective for all, there is certainly varieties of squat you can use to build your thighs – and those include hack squats, front squats, and smith machines.

The second thigh exercise I advise you do is the leg press. The leg press is performed using a leg press machine in which the body is forced into an upward angle position so the back is slightly reclined and the legs as a result point upward somewhat.

The feet are placed on a plate, which is then lowered as far as you can take it, before being pressed back up. You also use a lever ‘break’ to suspend the lift at any point for any reason such as discomfort or failure.

Two more good thigh exercises are lunges, which can be performed using a barbell across the back, or dumbbells held to the sides, or another machine assisted exercise called leg extensions where the lifter is in a seated position with the lower shins underneath a padded lever, which are lifted up by the force of the thighs contracting, while the lifter remains seated.

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