The Perfect Muscle Size Does Not Exist

I’m often asked, and I often find enquiring minds asking others about what the perfect muscle size is that they ‘should’ be.

When people talk about the perfect body – in a bodybuilding context – they are talking about the Grecian ideal, where the muscles are all of relative size to the other muscles and body parts. But again, this is nothing but opinion based.

Today, in the top-flight bodybuilding world, there isn’t a single pro on the stage who is anything like the Grecian ideal; these monsters have gone above and way beyond it. Their proportions and size way beyond anything most people would consider ‘beautiful’, besides the hardcore followers of the sport.

In my opinion, the Grecian ideal the earlier bodybuilders followed was far more appealing than the top guys around today.

I’m talking about all this stuff because, I have noticed people sometimes come to my site by using keywords such as ‘what is the perfect bicep size’ and I really have to wonder what people expect to find. If they are expecting a one-size fits all number, that’s ridiculous, but I fear many people do have it in their heads that they must attain a certain muscle size, or they’re not impressive.

So ok, here’s a number. You need to have 20” arms or your body is woeful.

Of course, that’s nonsense.

If size is your God, if you think of the biggest and best pro bodybuilder there is, and ask him if he’s happy with his size, what do you think he’s going to say? Hell no! I want to be bigger!

That’s what bodybuilding is all about. It’s about constantly progressing.

Proportion is way more important than overall size, and always will be. (Think Gregg Valentino every time you start thinking differently.)

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