The Perfect Male Body According to Women

As guys (in fact, as people) it seems everything in life is geared to one thing only – attracting a suitable mate and procreating. With that in mind, competition for attention and affection is fierce. You’ve got the natural Casanova’s, the tough guys, the rich guys, the good looking guys, and then you’ve got the guy with the super hot body.

Naturally, I won’t be talking about anything other than the body in this article, because that’s what I specialize in. But, what kind of a body does the female go for, and are we, as bodybuilders, bettering our chances with women, or making them more remote?

I look at it like this.

If you are of an average body – the middle ground – then you are going to be accepted by a majority, but nobody is going to be really crazy about your body. It’s just ‘ok’.

Then you’ve got the guys who are enormous, muscle-bound guys. It’s a fact that fewer women find this appealing, so the acceptance rate decreases dramatically, but, for the women who do like their guys buff as hell, they are going to go weak and the knees upon clocking you. You are exactly what they want, and then some!

My advice is this: Be who you want to be. If you try to please the masses, you’ll get a warm acceptance, but you may also be missing out on the women who are super-hot for the less common-looking guy… the guy who’s just that little bit bulkier.

But, just for the sake of generalizing, the majority of women like guys who have some muscle, and are in fairly good, toned shape, but not enormous, just bigger than they are, and strong enough to make them feel safe. The good news is it’s possible to achieve this kind of physique within 1-2 years easily.

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