The Dangers of Bodybuilding Explained

Right from the beginning, bodybuilding has raised eyebrows. Not just for the freakishly big and muscular physiques its methods are capable of producing… but also for the methods which are used to get the bodybuilder there.

First let me say, while I certainly admire the pro bodybuilders and their gigantic physiques, I don’t, and never will, advocate any method which isn’t natural. I hope you realize that, there is no such thing as a pro-bodybuilder who doesn’t take copious amounts of physique enhancing drugs: steroids, HGH, you name it. That’s just the reality of it, and, partly for this reason – in fact, probably mostly because of this reason – bodybuilding has gotten a bad rep.

I know from my own personal experience as a drug free natural bodybuilder, whenever I enter a discussion about my physique, I’m asked: ‘did you take steroids?’ and, while I used to get annoyed by this question, I now realize it simply comes with the territory. It’s almost expected, and, people are surprised – or don’t believe you – when you tell them that you are natural.

I certainly feel strongly about this issue, and, without doubt, the drugs many will think nothing of pumping into their bodies to achieve a great physique are, in my opinion, dangerous and to be avoided. You should make it your aim to do this for fun, and above all, for health. I very much doubt that there is any healthy pro bodybuilder’s out there. Take Arnold… hereditary heart issues my ass… steroids.

But, drugs aren’t the only problem in bodybuilding. It has also gotten a bad rep because many simply believe it’s completely unnatural to have such a developed physique, natural or not. And also believe, using weights is putting the bone structure under unnatural stress and can cause bone problems later in life.

I disagree. With proper form, self-awareness and common sense, bodybuilding is not only safe, but highly beneficial to the bones, muscles, and overall health. Studies have shown it can even be beneficial to people suffering from severe arthritis, as building up the muscles takes the strain off the joints.

I always think bodybuilding is about listening to your body. If you are incorporating an exercise which doesn’t feel good, or hurts you, you should stop doing it. It always amazes me that many will persist in pushing their bodies through severe joint pain and injury to continue using a certain exercise. That is not only stupid, but a recipe for even further serious injury.

And those, my friend, are the reasons why bodybuilding is often labelled dangerous.

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