The Benefits of Glutamine

It can seem the list of supplements, including vitamins and minerals bodybuilders endorse are never-ending, and, for those just beginning it can be a huge turn off when something which appeared as simple as pumping iron to get big muscles turns into a complicated affair involving numerous ‘must take’ supplements.

As a rule of thumb, for most people a good workout plan, diet, and sufficient rest ought to take care of any deficits that your body may incur due to the stresses of pumping iron.

But, sometimes, some people become deficient in things which if they aren’t well researched, and aren’t acutely aware of, can damage their progress and cause them other negative effects, such as illness.

For instance, did you know that due to the extreme toll weight training takes on the whole system, you can actually seriously lower your immune system, leaving you open to more illnesses? Did you also know that, the physical stress incurred through weight training can make it harder for protein to enter the muscles to repair them?

Enter glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid which is the primary fuel source of our immune system. It is present in muscle tissue, and is very important for protein synthesis. However, when our bodies are subject to inordinate stress from training, sometimes our immune systems become impaired, and drain our muscles of glutamine, which in turn hampers protein synthesis. If our muscles take in less protein, then they don’t grow as well – or at all… and… maybe even shrink.

By supplementing with glutamine, we ensure that our immune system is well fuelled and not wanting for anything. So, when our bodies become stressed from training, our immune system is better able to cope, and doesn’t need to suck as much glutamine away from the muscles, allowing regular protein synthesis to continue.

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