Teen Muscle Building Tips

So far as natural bodybuilding goes, there is simply no better time than to build great amounts of muscle than during the teenage years. This is because the body is already flooded with testosterone and human growth hormone, and the savvy bodybuilder can take advantage of this one-off time to give their physique a massive boost others simply can’t without the aid of steroids or human growth hormone.

Anyway, I feel a few simple tips are in order. Tips which will help you to maximize your training and also the outcome you want most: big muscles. After all, this is a one off limited opportunity – it’d be a shame to blow it. Ok, let’s get to it.

Sleep and rest plenty.

The biggest mistake you can make bodybuilding during your teenage years is not getting enough sleep. Ok, I know some teenagers can sleep forever and need no prompting to laze around; but let’s keep things in perspective. Getting more than 8 hours sleep a day tends to be detrimental to bodybuilding efforts, but getting 7-8 hours a day is integral. So no burning the candle at both ends, sleep is crucial.

And as for the other rest, yes, you’ll need plenty of it. Consider the fact that the average teenager is tired anyway from all of the growing their bodies are doing, add into the fact you now have to support extra muscle growth, too – a strain which for a fully grown adult is strenuous enough on its own. So yes, you now have an excuse to get plenty more rest.

Eat, but avoid eating junk.

It’s tempting to eat anything you can get your hands on when you are a teenager, so some restraint will be needed. A good diet must be planned which comprises plenty of whole foods, complex carbs, proteins and good fats. One advantage here is, being a teenager with a huge appetite means the eating aspect of bodybuilding won’t be such a chore and so tough; for many, the eating is the biggest struggle and where most fall off.

Lay off the booze.

Look, I know it’s tempting to party a lot when you’re younger; and I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy this right of passage – but don’t overdo it. Alcohol has serious detrimental effects on training which extend far beyond the lack of motivation you’ll suffer. For instance, it alters the chemistry of the body temporarily making it harder for proteins to digest, to name just one. And we all know how crucial protein is to bodybuilding.

Heavy, compound movements.

This is vital for non-teenage bodybuilders, but may prove to be even more of a boost for teenagers. Why? Well, compound movements release the most natural growth hormone and testosterone into the system, which help to build the muscles. So imagine if you boost your system with these movements, even though it’s already got testosterone and HGH in abundance – it can only do wonders for you development. Said movements would include: squats, dead lifts, bent over rows, bench presses.

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