Swallowing Raw Eggs for Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting

If swallowing raw eggs wasn’t a popular practice before Rocky hit our screens in 1976, it certainly was afterwards. But, what are the benefits of swallowing raw eggs when it comes to bodybuilding, and are there any dangers involved?

The main reasons for swallowing raw eggs appear to be the belief that the protein is at its purest before being cooked, and also, the quickness of it; what could be easier than swallowing several protein rich raw eggs in one go?

From a muscle building point of view, raw eggs are great. The problem is salmonella. Although sources vary, it is estimated that 1 in every 10,000 eggs contains salmonella bacteria, which can make a person seriously ill or kill them.

These days, many eggs sold in supermarkets have on the labels a mark which states that the eggs, by which the eggs were laid, have been immunized against salmonella, which for all intents and purposes should mean a safe egg.

If you are intent on swallowing raw egg, there are some pointers to which you should adhere, to avoid any illnesses:

  • Never swallow out-of-date eggs, or any eggs that smell a little off.
  • If an egg has blood in it or any other kind of solid, don’t swallow it.
  • Check all eggs for cracks, and never use any eggs which have been cracked, as bacteria could have penetrated the egg.
  • Soak all eggs (in shells) in room-temperature, still water first, one at a time. If bubbles come up from the eggs, this means they are cracked, or have holes in the shell, and it really isn’t the best idea to swallow them raw in this case.

Also, if swallowing raw eggs Rocky style isn’t an appealing idea to you, you can always do what many do – and beat a raw egg or two into a milkshake or protein shake for instance.

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