Strength Training Workouts

Although all forms of lifting progressively heavier weights technically can be called strength training, the type of strength training I’m talking about here is the kind which isn’t about size, it’s not about being body beautiful, it’s all about shifting that iron from A-B.

Bodybuilding, in fact, is derived from strength training and many of the same principles apply, only in bodybuilding strength in and of itself is irrelevant; whereas in strength training the reverse is true. In this article I’ll take you through a very basic sample strength training workout. It may lack the exoticness of a bodybuilding program, but believe me, this is raw strength training – and it works.

This program is a 3 day program, split into 2 sessions – A and B. A and B alternate each week, for instance, Monday A, Wednesday B, Friday A one week. Next week Monday B, Wednesday A, Friday B. And so it continues. This way you hit the exercises hard one week when you do the same session twice, and then cool off on that while you hit the other session hard twice.

Repetitions are 5 with sets being 3. Take no longer than a 3 minute break in between sets.

Session A

  • Squats
  • Bench Press
  • Military Press

Session B

  • Upright Rows
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Dead Lift

While this program is designed to minimize the overtraining effect by rotating and having limited sets, because of the strenuous nature of strength training and the stress it can put on the central nervous system, you always have to be aware of the fact that you could be overtraining.

If you find yourself struggling to make progress or sliding backwards, it’s likely not due to not trying hard enough, but trying too hard, and you should perhaps cool off a little by training with less volume or less weights or taking some time off. In fact, taking a week or two off once in a while is a great idea, because providing diet is kept in tact, you have a very good chance of coming back stronger, or at least as strong as before – only more refreshed and ready for gains once more.

Also, try to increase the weight every session. But, only by small increments. It’s very easy to get carried away and start putting too much on the bar and struggling, and backing yourself into a rut. If you find this happening, take some weight off, and don’t move up until you can lift that bar convincingly – that means with good form, for each rep of each set.

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