Steroid Use in Bodybuilding

I like reading bodybuilding forums because I like to see what other people are up to, what they’ve learnt, and what they think. I’ve learnt a lot from forums and many good, truthful, and helpful people post on them.

But there’s also the darker, creepier side. People who unintentionally perpetuate myths, lie out of their backsides intentionally, and feed off of other people’s B.S. because they can’t accept the truth. (You have to laugh at it, or you’d cry…)

One of the most common questions I’ve seen asked is: Does this particular pro bodybuilder take steroids?

It’s shocking to see that even guys who many on the forums look up to and have given huge rep power to are some times the ones asking these questions…

Unless you are the type who is unwilling to accept the truth and prefers to stay in fantasyland, the answer of course is – yes. All top bodybuilders take steroids. And, the reason why they don’t openly admit it is because steroid possession and usage is a felony. I’ve even seen people asking if Ronnie Coleman takes steroids… jeez…

They are all juicing. Stop believing in natural Supermen.

Now for a little info on what steroids are and how they work…

Steroids, for those not in the know, are a synthetic testosterone hormone which provides many outward benefits to a bodybuilder. I say outward because, there really is no health benefits – only risks – to the individuals taking them.

The outward benefits are:

  • Increased recovery and growth
  • Increased strength
  • Ability to lose fat much more quickly while maintaining muscle mass

Although steroids are not only used for bodybuilding, and are often used for legitimate medical reasons by those with muscle wasting disorders, it’s not hard to see then, why bodybuilding and steroid usage go hand in hand.

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