Shoulder Muscle Building Tips

Well developed shoulders are round from the sides and can add an inch or more to your overall width – and for a man in particular, wide shoulders are a must.

The shoulders are a very powerful muscle group, but also one which requires balance in development, not only to avoid looking strange, but also to ensure you don’t open your delicate rotator cuff to injuries. This involves training all 3 heads of the deltoids (shoulder.) Yup, the shoulder is made up of 3 heads – the anterior (front) head, medial/lateral (side) head, and posterior (rear) head.

Below, under each head are listed the best exercises you can utilize to build that particular head.

Anterior head

Bench press, military press, shoulder press, Arnold press

Medial/lateral head

Upright rows, lateral raises

Posterior head

Bent over rows, bent over lateral raises


By working all of the deltoid heads you will quickly develop powerful and balanced shoulders which not only look the part from each and every angle, but also function well. Read my articles below for more in-depth knowledge of training your shoulder muscles where I go in to greater detail on building wide shoulders.

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