Should Tall People Build Muscle?

In bodybuilding there are people with all kinds of physiques. There are guys who’re naturally chubby, looking to get in shape and manage their body fat levels better. There are those who are stick thin desperate to pack on a few lbs of extra muscle, there are those who are short and those who are tall. All can benefit from bodybuilding – and I don’t truly believe any one group should not participate in bodybuilding.

Take a look at the Mr. Olympia contest for example, over the years there have been huge bodybuilders such as Lou Ferrigno, who stood at 6’5, and bodybuilders such as Franco Columbu 5’5 – each achieved undeniably incredible physiques, and neither man looked like they would’ve been better just ‘leaving it.’

True, short bodybuilders have it easier in some respects (and I’m not just making this up – honestly). Firstly, because of their lower centre of gravity, and shorter limbs, exercises such as the squat can be completed as comfortably and as naturally as anything, while the lift may in fact be more awkward for a taller lifter.

The bench press and other movements also generally tend to be tougher for the longer limbed bodybuilder. This is because although the same identical movement is being completed between the short and tall bodybuilder, the bar has to travel much further in distance for the tall bodybuilder to complete the full range of motion. It is therefore, very likely that small bodybuilders will technically be capable of lifting heavier weights and therefore classed as being stronger.

But, as I say, I believe people of any height can be bodybuilders. All it takes is dedication and to get a feel for the lifts so you can perform them correctly and comfortably according to your own build.

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