Should I Build Muscle or Burn Fat?

As somebody who is taking an interest in building a better body for themselves, you may be wondering where to start. If you are one of those whom is currently carrying a little extra baggage around with you, you may well be wondering if you should begin trying to build muscle, or first lose weight. I’ll see if I can help you here.

If your sole aim is for a slender body, without really caring too much about having big, or reasonably sized muscles, you may simply wish to opt for an intensive fat burning phase, which will eventually bring out the muscular definition you currently have. Then, if you wish to begin adding muscle, you can simply go on to a bulking diet.

If you have moderate fat levels, and are caught in two minds about what to do first (build muscle or burn fat) you need to be made aware that, in trying to build muscle for any period of time (months to a year), you will inevitably put on several more lbs of fat. This happens because you will be forced to eat at a calorie surplus, therefore calories which aren’t used by the muscles, will be stored as fat.

You should therefore ask yourself, are you comfortable and ok with putting on even more fat?

If you have immense fat levels, it is highly recommended that you first cut, until your body fat is around 10%. This is because, when you bulk for a prolonged period of time, you will inevitably put on even more fat, and when it comes time to cut, you may well find you have a long and drawn out struggle to lose the fat and retain the muscle – and may well find that you actually lose a substantial amount of muscle in the cutting process.

Ultimately it’s down to you, and, I hope my article has helped you to decide.

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