Secrets to Natural Bodybuilding

It’s no secret that to get huge – and I mean huge – you need to be on steroids, HGH or both. No ifs, buts, or exceptions to the rule; there’s not a man alive with the natural capacity to get to the size of the guys you see lined up in Mr. Olympia without artificial assistance. That’s just a cold fact, unfortunately.

But, as a natural bodybuilder, you can still build an awe-inspiring physique which will put your firmly ahead of the juiced up bodybuilders in the health stakes, ahead of the average out of shape guy, and certainly make you the object of desire for the ladies.

I feel there is a distinct difference between natural bodybuilding and ‘juiced up’ bodybuilding which needs to be discussed, as methods of training differ to the point of results or no results. And I want you to get results.

When a chemically enhanced bodybuilder lifts, they have the capacity to lift for far longer. Which is why it’s not unheard of for some steroid takers to do ridiculous amounts of sets – even as high as the 20’s for various exercises.

A chemically enhanced bodybuilder will also be able to recover much, much quicker. Add to this the fact that steroids also help a bodybuilder to synthesize (absorb and use) protein better than a natural bodybuilder, you see there has to be differences in training and diet methods.

A natural bodybuilder – particularly a beginner – shouldn’t train the same body part any more than twice a week. To do so would be overtraining. Secondly I advocate sets of 3 for every exercise, keeping reps between 5 – 8.

I also advocate you take out several rest days during the week. For instance, you could work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday – with the rest of the week been rest days.

Rest is a huge must for a natural bodybuilder. I can’t emphasize this enough. On your days off your muscles will be crying out for rest. Throughout training days and rest days, as a natural bodybuilder you need to give your body the very best shot it has at absorbing the nutrients you give it.

Because the chemically assisted have an increased synthesis of protein, you need to really give your body the best proteins which are known to be naturally absorbed easily. For that list, see my article on the top proteins for bodybuilding in the nutrition section of my site.

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