Portable Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Muscle Relaxation


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Small and tough, well designed

The compact body is light, comparable to the size of a mobile phone

More levels

A variety of options to switch freely



The weight of the iPhone 11



A variety of options to switch freely



Equipped with large capacity 8 battery



About 53 massages per second


Intelligence control chip

A new generation of smart chips

Where does it hurt Relieve body acid distension


Advanced design Release your own fashion

Break the traditional fascia gun massage way, lengthen the grip, new appearance design, increase the massage Angle and save more effort to use.

Small strong Light stability

The compact body is light and airy, comparable to the size of a mobile phone

Put it in the bag after use Can be carried with you

After use conveniently into the portable bag, minus redundant tedious massage relaxation into your life.

After a workout Relax your muscles

Four types of massage head Take care of every muscle group

Leg muscles, arm muscles, back muscles, spine joints and other parts are equipped with targeted massage head


Ball massage head

Suitable for pectoralis major latissimus dorsi and other large muscle groups


U-shaped massage head

It is suitable for massaging neck and gingival tendon of cervical spine


Tapered massage head

It is suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridians, palms, plantar, etc


Flat head

It is suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscles, deep stimulation of legs and buttocks

Professional massage standard use Take good care of your body

Warm tips: When using fascia gun for the first time, it should start from the low grade, and gradually increase the gear according to the body bearing capacity;Non-professional athletes or fitness enthusiasts, do not use too high gear.


Note: Please do not use it over time. If you feel uncomfortable, stop it in time. Please read the instructions for more usage methods

High frequency power Deep shock, but also thoughtful

In order of weight and urgency, you can feel the strength of the master’s massage.

Silent brush motor

24W can instantly eliminate the body’s accumulation of lactic acid, roll away the fatigue of a day’s work. Brushless motor and double shaft drive make mute and energy consumption more perfect.



A brush motor



High speed impact



Deep muscle massage

45 db mute Enjoy the relaxation

Using a specially customized BRUShless DC motor, the noise during operation is about the volume of a normal human conversation, which is basically negligible.


10-20dB sound of fallen leaves

30-45dB fascia gun working sound

60-70DB fan blowing wind

75-90DB alarm ring


*The above data comes from the factory lab. Please understand the error

Intelligent intelligent control chip

Quick response processing for a quiet experience

Load Type-c charging port Can be shared with mobile phone

The power bank can also charge, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your charger behind.

1800mA power lithium battery 15 days endurance

The 1800mA powered lithium battery delivers a strong burst while providing lasting battery life – 20 minutes of use per day for about half a month.

A key control Multiple gears speed regulation

Strictly follow the body muscle, bone stress theory, design a scientific gear design, to adapt to a variety of needs.


Liquid crystal device

6 optional


Button style

6 optional

Applicable people


An office worker

The elderly

The driver

Four color optional

Black / Green / Red / Gray

Mini fascia gun Parameter Description

The product name : Mini fascia gun


The fuselage material : ABS material


The power supply mode : The USB Type – C interface


Case pack : 20 / box


Product color : Black, green, red, gray


Common model : 6 gear


Battery life : About 5 hours


Specifications : 44*34*42cm


The product weight : About 0.5 kg


Liquid crystal device : 32 gear


Using the environment : -10 ℃ and 40 ℃


Cases of heavy : About 15 kg


Note: all dimensions are measured manually slight error, please forgive me