Preventing Stretch Marks from Weight Lifting

We already know stretch marks are a problem for fat people and women during and after pregnancy, and we also know that teenagers often develop them during their growth years. What some people are blindsided by, and rather put off by when it happens, is the fact that weight training too can cause stretch marks. Sometimes – pretty bad ones. In this article you’ll discover what stretch marks really are, how you can avoid them, and possibly minimize the ones you already have.

Stretch marks are the unsightly, whiplash shaped blemishes which usually occur around fatty areas of the body. As the name implies, stretch marks occur when the dermis under the skin is stretched rapidly, causing scar formation much in the same way as if skin were stretched or split – only underneath the skin. So, what stretch marks are, is simply below skin scarring.

Like anything else, stretch marks are largely genetic. Some people are able to put on astounding amounts of muscle in a very short space of time and not suffer from stretch marks, whereas some will put on a modest amount of find they have, unfortunately, gotten stretch marks from it.

Although for men – particularly real men – they may not be a problem psychologically, for women they may be rather upsetting, so let’s take a look at how we can deal with them, in order of priority…

How to avoid stretch marks:

No lotion or potion will do anything to help you avoid stretch marks. But you do have 2 options if you really do wish to avoid them as much as possible. You can take the route not well-liked and gain size slower, giving the dermis time to expand without scarring, and/or you can really seek to minimize your fat gains. The more fat you gain the more pressure there is on the dermis, and the more severe any stretch marks will be.

Stretch mark removal:

Like I’ve said, creams and lotions are pretty much a waste of time and money, and you are wishing on a star trying to remove stretch marks with them. I’m yet to hear of any which have worked significantly. Time is a great healer, and stretch marks can be minimized with time. If you don’t have time, you may wish to see a physician and raise the topic of stretch mark removal, which is usually done with laser.

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