How to Eat Correctly to Build Muscle

Building muscle is a pretty simple affair yet so many for numerous reasons struggle with it, try to overcomplicate it, misunderstand it, and get it wrong. There are 3 components to building muscle: correct training, correct eating, and rest. And, that’s all there is to it.

Should I Build Muscle or Burn Fat?

As somebody who is taking an interest in building a better body for themselves, you may be wondering where to start. If you are one of those whom is currently carrying a little extra baggage around with you, you may well be wondering if you should begin trying to build muscle, or first lose weight. I’ll see if I can …

Building Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres

While it is speculated that there may be many sorts of muscle fibres, it is generally accepted that there are at least two sorts: fast twitch and slow twitch. In order to build muscle size, it is advised that both are exercised, as both will contribute to overall size.

Do You Need Weight Lifting Gloves?

When somebody first starts weight lifting, it seems that they are bombarded with non-stop recommendations for products and equipment: “You need this, you must have this, and you can’t possibly train without that.”

Ab Workouts Using Weight Plates

When most people say they want to start training to achieve great abs, it’s like all common sense and rudimentary basics of weight training go out of the window.

Best Leg Exercises for Building Muscle

For reasons I simply can’t fathom, the legs seem to be the most neglected, and most ‘ugh, do I have to?’ body part. People seem to want to build their upper bodies up to the mammoth proportions of today’s top bodybuilders, yet walk around with chicken legs.

Get Ripped Abs by Burning Fat

Ah, ripped abs… quite possibly the most desirable aim for both male and female bodybuilders or those interested in general physique improvement. In truth, it’s a simple old game, but so many screw it up or waste their time listening to myths and bogus information, it’s unreal. I hope to set the record straight here, and give you the only …

Bodybuilding Nutrition for Beginners

So, you’re a beginner to bodybuilding, huh? Ready to dive right into the deep end and get cracking? – I admire your enthusiasm, but hold on just a second… you need to know the fundamentals of what makes good bodybuilding nutrition or your efforts are going to be in vain!

What is Muscle Milk?

Muscle Milk is the new supplement everybody is raving about. It’s unlikely you’ll find a single bodybuilding forum, or website, which isn’t abuzz with it. In this article I will explain what it is, if it’s safe and whether or not Muscle Milk is good or bad for you.

Building Huge Biceps and How to Get Them

Whenever anybody yells: “Show us your muscles!” it’s always the biceps they want to see, isn’t it? Every single time. It’s almost expected. I dare say they’d be disappointed if you actually hit another pose other than the biceps.