Building Serious Lean Muscle While Minimizing Fat Gains

When the idea first came to you about bulking yourself up and packing on some muscle I’m betting the image you had in your minds eye was that of a bulky, muscular physique, with low body fat showing off all of those hard earned muscles in all of their glorious definition. You don’t want it covered by a thick layer …

Building Your Upper and Lower Back Muscles

By practicing bodybuilding, you’ve gone to great lengths to be noticed – to look good. You’ve got ripped abs, bulging biceps, and a chest most women would envy… but… what about your back? I hope you aren’t one of those individuals whose gotten carried away with the front, and neglected the back, are you? Hmmm, oh well, never mind… even …

How to Build Your Quadriceps with the Squat

The quadriceps are the largest muscle group on the entire body, and, you should be applauded for reading this article on how to build them. Why? Because, most people tend to neglect this most important muscle group.

The Truth about Muscle Building Supplements

The amount of supplements for the bodybuilding market is absolutely astronomical – and the frenzy they generate is even more colossal. Each supplement claims to be the best, newest, most advanced formula available. Some claim to be able to pack on unbelievable amounts of muscle on your frame, burn fat quicker than anything else you can possibly do, or give …

Why A Good Bodybuilding Workout Program Is Essential

When a person tells you they got big and muscle-bound by lifting weights, it almost sound simple, doesn’t it? What could be simpler than simply heaving dumbbells or barbells around whilst stood or laid in various positions?

How to Build Your Abdominal Muscles

Whether you are male or female, a huge muscled bodybuilder or a slender person with a regular body – having an outstanding development and ‘presentation’ of abdominal muscles is a sight to behold. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to build your abdominals quickly and fully, and, how you can get them ‘on display’ for all to …

Building Neck Muscle

If there is one single part of the body which deserves the title of ‘most neglected’, it’s the neck. And, the crazy thing about it is, unless you wear thick turtle neck sweaters bulked out with padding constantly (and I’m sure you don’t…) then your neck is on display, all the time… so why not turn it into yet another …

Burning Fat While Building Muscle is Impossible

You’ve probably seen countless people talking about how they, and you too, can build mounds of muscle while at the same time burning off that terrible, unsightly fat you have. You’ve also probably seen the many supplements and pills which claim to be able to help you in this quest.

Building Forearm Muscle

It seems everybody is concerned with shoulder muscles, biceps and triceps but nobody really makes much effort when it comes to the forearms. Ok, so they’re not exactly show-stoppers… but, they are an important muscle group

Common Signs of Overtraining from Weight Lifting

I remember when I first got the idea into my head about weight training. I saw these guys in the magazines, and Arnold on the big screen, and they looked like mountain’s that had been chiselled into God-like figures with meticulous precision.