Natural Bodybuilding Tips for Avoiding Overtraining

People don’t believe. Or at least most don’t. That is, that it’s perfectly possible to build up a truly great and muscular physique without the aid of illegal substances Well, it is possible because I and countless others have done it. You just need to know what to do.

In this article, I’d like to give you some of the very best tips I have for building up a big, strong, natural physique. Some of these tips I learned from reading, or listening to others – and some I learned first hand after drawing sensible conclusions to things I’d read or tried, which didn’t work. Ok, let’s go…

The first thing, and probably the most important thing you should know as a natural bodybuilder is that you should avoid overtraining. This is the single biggest mistake the natural bodybuilder can make. They think they must absolutely punish their bodies into growing, when in reality all they need is coercing.

This means, avoid any program which advocates 6 – 7 day weeks. For the beginner in particular, this is simply way too much. And, equally, avoid marathon workouts with 5-6-7+ sets. It’s too much and you won’t recover in time for your next workout. I recommend most beginners work out no more than 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) with the rest of the week spent recovering and resting. And you should aim to keep each workout to around an hour, an hour and a half.

Many see the incredible physiques the pro bodybuilders roll out, and try to copy their methods, and it will always lead to disappointment. Why? Because pro bodybuilders are bona fide juicers (steroid takers), and this not only gives them more strength, but far superior ability to recover.

As a natural bodybuilder, protein can also be an issue. When somebody takes steroids, an effect of this is superior protein synthesis (absorption). Much of the protein you eat as a natural bodybuilder isn’t going to be absorbed, and is thus wasted. For this reason, it’s crucial you pick the best sources of protein – the ones which are known for their high absorption rates. In order, those are: egg whites, milk, fish, and beef.

By following the simple tips laid out in this article, you will be ahead of the game.

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