Leg Exercises for Massive Quads

Building the legs is of crucial importance to not only the legs themselves, but to the entire physique. The more you work the legs, the more testosterone and human growth hormone is naturally produced and released, thus aiding and supporting the muscle growth of other areas of the body – so you could say the development of your entire physique hinges largely on the legs.

Which is why in this article I’m going to talk about building the quads. The quads (commonly known as the thigh muscles) are not only the most powerful and largest muscles in the leg, but the largest and most powerful in the entire body. And, what you do to work these huge muscles can make or break your entire efforts.

Ok, we’ve established it’s important. So, how do we go about building massive quads? And, is it difficult?

Fancy machine’s aren’t needed, nor in some cases are they even effective; no, all you need to build huge quads is the humble barbell, and a squat rack or power rack.

You need these things because you will be performing… squats!

No exercise invented, and no machine invented, can or will ever beat the effectiveness of the squat. Why? Because that’s just how it goes; the squat is a movement which mimics nature, as the best muscle building exercises always do. I advocate heavy weight with repetitions of 5-7, for 3 sets, performed no more than 3 days a week, and including a day rest between each leg workout.

Hack squats with a barbell are another exercise which helps to build big quads, but they tend to hit the lower inside area of the thigh much more, so you may want to incorporate both into your leg program.

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