Is it Possible to Get a Six Pack in a Week?

If you are lifting weights with the goal of building a great physique, then I’d be willing to bet my worldly goods on it that you’ve envisioned a nice gleaming six pack – the centrepiece to any outstanding physique. Well, did you? I knew it!

While everyone – guys particularly – would love to have big arms, the main thing almost everybody wants is a six pack. But, few achieve it. It’s not because it’s rocket science or anything like that, it’s simply because of the effort that goes into it.

Yes, there’s the word nobody wants to hear: effort.

The hardest aspect of achieving six pack abs is having sufficiently low body fat for the muscle to show through. This will vary between people, but, you’re going to be looking at between 6 – 9% or close.

We’ve all got abdominal muscles, and even if you can’t see them because you’ve got a layer of fat covering them, you will still be able to feel the bumpy muscles underneath.

Some people who do have sufficiently low body fat will still not have what could be described as a six pack. Of course, the muscles are there… but they may be so underdeveloped they simply lack the development to stand out, in which case, they need to be worked to build them up.

Bearing in mind it can take months to develop any kind of noticeable muscle mass on any body part, and, it can take months to lose fat… the answer to the original question about the possibility of getting a six pack in a week, is, no chance.

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