Increase Testosterone with Saturated Fat

Mention fats to the average person in the street, and the first thing that will spring to mind is either a slab of meat with stretchy, jelly-like fats firmly attached, or an unhealthy obese individual, a walking-cholesterol time-bomb.

Even in bodybuilding – a sport which by its very nature requires and encourages deep research and a good knowledge of nutrition – people turn ashen and run away from fats, either believing ‘if I eat fats, I’ll become fat’, or that eating fats will raise their cholesterol and cause other health issues.

The truth is, dietary fats, such as saturated fats are critical for maintaining our overall health and maintaining normal bodily functions.

One such benefit of interest to those who do bodybuilding is the effects saturated fats have on testosterone: they raise them.

Think about that for a second. Testosterone is crucial for building muscle. It’s why the average, steroid-free male possesses the ability to build muscles so much bigger than the average, steroid-free female.

Plus, as a bonus, testosterone helps to burn body fat – which means more lean muscle gains.

Typically, fats should make up around 20-30% of the diet, and avoid them to the peril of your muscle gains.

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