How to Quickly Build Muscle on a Skinny Body

You know, I was always a skinny kid. There was absolutely nothing on me at all. No fat, and barely any muscle. I honestly thought I’d be that way forever; and I think most other people did, too.When someone is skinny, people simply assume they must have the appetite of a stick insect. That’s not always true; I ate as much as anybody else, but while I grew upward, I certainly didn’t grow outward like I wanted. Then I discovered bodybuilding…

Let me first say: bodybuilding is the key to building muscle and ‘thickening up’ the frame of anyone; particularly those who have the unfortunate label of ‘skinny.’

But it’s not just about lifting weights. In fact, you could lift weights from here to eternity and still not put much muscle on – you could even lose muscle! No, you need to fuel the machine. You need to train hard, and you need to eat. And if you’re a naturally skinny person, you need to eat a lot.

Building muscle all comes down to calories. Everything you eat or drink contains calories. If you get enough calories in your system to compliment your weight training, you’ll grow. If you don’t, you won’t.

For most people, eating 15 calories per lb of bodyweight plus 500, every day, is a sure fire way to build muscle when training with weights. You may need to eat more, but I highly recommend you try my advice first. If you fail to grow after a month, simply eat more.

You should get yourself on a program in which you train 3-4 times a week, and the program should absolutely consist of what are known as ‘compound movements’ such as bench presses, dead lifts, and squats. Those 3 exercises alone are probably the most important exercises for muscle growth, so don’t neglect them.

But there’s another thing which is also equally important: if you are one of those types who is constantly running around here to there, doing physical activity – this could outright stop you in your tracks from putting any muscle mass on at all. When you exercise you burn calories, and if you burn too many calories you could leave yourself at a deficit. And a deficit means no growth, or a loss of muscle. So make sure you rest plenty during your muscle building endeavour; you can always do the other physical activities after you’ve got the muscle in the bag, after all.

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