How to Define Muscles

I see big guys all the time. Some are freakin’ huge. I’m sure you’ve seen them too. But, one thing that I find is rare to see, is a guy of any sort of half decent muscle mass, who looks very defined. Why is this and, what do you have to do to achieve great muscle definition?

Firstly, half of the size of the average Mr. Big is usually body fat. I’ve seen it happen before, guys who appeared to look huge, and appeared to have a great amount of muscle mass under their fat, but when they lost the fat, they really had average muscle mass.

But, let’s talk about the guys who obviously do work out, but still don’t seem to have that hard, chiselled-out-of-granite look. What are they doing wrong, and what do they need to do to build muscle definition?

First of all, let me tell you that muscle definition is a myth. True, muscles can look defined by losing body fat and exposing the contours of the muscle to a greater degree, but you can’t build definition into the muscle.

What you need to do is bring your body fat levels down as low as you can, until your muscles aren’t covered by a softening layer of fat, and your body appears hard. This is the only way to achieve muscle definition.

Now, if you are talking about muscle separation to add to the definition, you need to simply work on building all muscles as big as you can. Genetics, and genetics alone, will determine how big they get, what shape they turn out to be, and how they separate and look when they are reaching their maximal growth capacity. So, don’t worry about any gimmicks – just get building them, and let the chips fall where they may.

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