How to Build Muscle Definition

Having muscular definition is the ultimate goal of every bodybuilder. After all, we workout hard week in week out, eat like crazy – and often have to sacrifice the foods and lifestyle we’d also like to enjoy. But, it has to be done, if you are to see the results.

Building muscle definition is as simple as having an ultra-low body fat; so low in fact, that the muscles below them are visible. Before you worry about losing body fat however, you obviously want to have plenty of muscle, so I would recommend bulking for a substantial amount of time, and then cut.

Many people struggle to get their body fat low enough to see great definition; particularly on the body parts which are notorious for storing fat, such as the abdomen. But, stress not… I have some tips for you that will help you to shave the fat off, and show your muscles’ definition off to the max.

It’s perfectly possible to cut by simply lowering calories and continuing on the same training regime and achieve some level of definition. In fact, some people seem to be able to do this without much trouble. For others however, a regime of cardio will be in order, and tweaks in the bodybuilding program, to help you melt the fat away and keep the fat off.

I’d recommend you cycle regularly (in fact, daily or once every 2 days) for around half an hour at a time, and do so at a steady, not overly aggressive, but not a slow-slow pace. You should aim to keep your heart rate at 140 BPM, as this is optimal for fat loss. You should also avoid eating before cardio, because then you will simply be burning the food you have taken on board… when you want to give your body no option but to burn fat for energy.

Secondly, you could benefit from upping the amount of reps you perform during your regime. If you are on a low rep range, say 5-7, try for 10-12. This, just like cycling, will help you to increase your metabolic rate, so you burn fat much easier.

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