How Much Should I Weigh?

I see it all the time, and I hear it all the time. People, and society, are obsessed about weight and what they should be weighing and what they shouldn’t be weighing, and what the ‘average’ weight for a person of a certain height, age, gender is, etc, etc.

My problem lies squarely with the fact that the whole question about how much a person should or should not weigh is completely and utterly twisted – and it’s impossible to answer unequivocally… yet (surprise, surprise) we continue to ask this warped question, and we continue to receive warped answers.

Consider this:

Two women that are both the same height and the same body fat… one weighs 2 stone more than the other, and as such, has being pigeonholed as being overweight for her size, and above average weight. But, the fact of the matter is, this woman just happens to have extremely large breasts, and a big posterior. Now, don’t laugh – but think about it. This woman has now being told she is overweight, yet in reality, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her.

Another scenario: 

Two guys, the same height, the same body fat. One guy weighs 2 stone more than the other guy. Why? Because not only does he have extra long legs (meaning the huge quad muscles, leg biceps, and calves) are all far bigger than average. Not only this, but, the guy also happens to be several inches wider than the other guy and has thicker bones and joints. Again, the guy may wind up being classed as overweight, based on ‘averages’ but in reality there is nothing wrong with him.

So, how much should you weigh? There is no number, and you shouldn’t be anything. But, in my opinion as a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, you should strive for healthy, lean muscle mass and low body fat – simple as that. Forget numbers.

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