How Do Movie Stars Build Muscle?

Seldom do we ever see a leading man out of shape, at least on screen. And to look at the stars of today, particularly action stars, they seem to possess a rather incredible amount of muscle mass. In this article, I’d like to examine some of the possibilities, and ask the question, is what we are seeing and being told really the truth?

The most obvious person to look at is Sylvester Stallone. Sly has – even though he probably never had much choice after being busted by Australian customs with 30 shots of HGH – admitted taking human growth hormone to enhance his physique, and general quality of life. By his own words, he believes everybody of advancing years should, and eventually will, be on HGH.

Sly has had an impressive physique for decades. He took up bodybuilding as a teenager, and you’ve only to look at his first film roles, such as Rocky, and Rambo First Blood to see just how much muscle he had, even back then.

Sly also admits that he is now bigger (muscle wise) than he has ever been in his life, and credits the enormous amount of mass he has put onto his frame – particularly at his age – to HGH.

Now, I firmly believe that Sly is just the tip of the iceberg. I would bet my life on it that a ton of other stars are also taking HGH and steroids to help them gain muscle and keep their ‘youthful’ appearance. This includes women such as Madonna. Yes, she’s aging, but if you compare her looks back then to now, you will also notice just how much more manly she looks. Her face and her physique. Not flattering at all on any woman.

Hollywood has its crazes, and HGH is the latest. You can bet your life on it that the miraculous transformations we are seeing aren’t simply the result of ‘hard workouts and a good diet’, especially when such transformations are made within just months.

You’ve got to ask yourself… why would a movie star risk fluffing their physical transformation before filming of their new multi-million dollar movie commences, when all they have to do is take the advice of their personal trainers and use physique enhancing drugs to ensure the job gets done?

That’s not to say all celebrities use growth enhancing drugs to create their physiques, but the reality is, Hollywood is cut throat. Even stars such as LL Cool J have admitted using steroids to build their impressive physiques… but, was that fact mentioned on his bodybuilding DVD?

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