High Rep Squats

Everybody wants big, thick quads but nobody wants to squat. Indeed, it would be fair to say that squats are the least favourite of all iron exercises, but the fact is, squats are by far the best singular overall lower body exercise – and by far the best way to build quads.

But what about high rep squats? What impact will they have upon your physique and performance? This article will take a look and see if they are worth your time, according to your own goals.

First of all, let’s set a definition of ‘high rep’…

Generally speaking, those looking to build muscle size above all else will usually do no more than 15 repetitions. Any more than 15 – with the exception of calf training which sometimes benefits from more – and size and strength gains will begin to be exchanged for endurance gains. If endurance gains are your goal, you may experiment with repetitions of higher than 15.

What you need to keep in mind is, squatting is a strenuous exercise all around. It can make blood rush to the head causing dizziness, and balance issues may set in after doing too many reps in a set. This may not be the case for you, but, I would bet it will be for many. Plus, squats compress the spine with the up and down movement. Although with good form the spine can take a lot more than we often give it credit for, I wouldn’t recommend going above 15 reps routinely unless there is some specific purpose or benefit you feel the is to be gained.

If your focus is primarily on muscle strength, I would say go for squats of 1 – 5 reps, and if you are looking for muscle size, go for repetitions of 6 – 12.

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