High Protein Snacks for Bodybuilding

When looking to add more muscle you need to be aware that you have to eat ever increasing amounts of calories (or portions, if you like). That means more of everything; particularly protein.

Protein is essential in both maintaining and building muscle. Many bodybuilders eat a terrific amount of protein, upwards of 2g per lb of bodyweight. Others tend to hover around 1g per lb of bodyweight.

I say just do whatever gets you results and you will only know for certain what works best for you by testing. If you find eating more protein on a daily basis equals more lean muscle mass, you’d be a fool not to take full advantage of the fact, right?

It’s recommended that you eat every 3 hours when trying to gain muscle, and you should always include protein in these meals. ‘Meal’, however, is a rather misleading term. They don’t have to be actual meals, not all the time. You could, for instance, describe them as high protein snacks.

Most people spend the majority of their time at their places of work, and it’s not always convenient or possible to have a true meal. However, a resourceful bodybuilder will be able to get his or her protein in wherever, whenever it’s needed, and in quick time.

Natural foods such as hard boiled eggs, beef cold cuts, chicken breasts/wings, a chunk of cheese, nuts, or canned fish (mackerel, tuna, and salmon) are great and very convenient high protein snacks.

You also have the option of purchasing some high quality protein bars, such as made by Myoplex, or even carrying around a flask or bottle of milk (or even better, milk mixed with high quality whey protein powder).

A lot of foods contain protein, but, the snacks I have mentioned are certainly the best because they are unprocessed or processed in a way in which the nutritional values are preserved or enhanced. Stay away from junk snacks; keep it lean, and you’ll keep lean.

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