Healthy Foods

Health Foods for Muscle Building

I’ve trained for years, and although I wouldn’t say ‘I love it’ – that’s a bit strong – I will go so far as saying I thoroughly enjoy it, and my life is far better with my training, than without it. It’s improved my quality of life on so many levels and I simply can’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t train. But, even I have my limits. No, I’m not talking about steroid usage – something I’ve never done – but I’m talking about so-called health foods.

Taking a look at the market, you’ll see soy, and a ton of other ‘health’ foods which claim to not only be ‘must have’ for health, but tapping into the desperation of bodybuilders – and we are all hungry for gains – they market these food and supplements as if you can’t make gains without them. And, they often claim these foods are essential and you can’t retain your health without them.

Utter nonsense.

Trust me on this, get your basic diet right with whole foods – the only true health food – and your muscles will grow. End of story.

And certainly don’t buy into the claims of ‘you need this for health’…

Let me tell you something about ‘health’. Whole foods contain everything you need for your health and what isn’t contained or you find yourself lacking, you can easily supplement with cheap vitamins. Expensive health foods are not needed.

We all yearn to retain good health; but quite honestly, it’s more swings and roundabouts than simply doing the right thing. If that were the case then everyone who lived healthily would live ailment free for a very long time, and those who abuse their bodies would linger in ill health and die early. I don’t even need to tell you that is rarely the case, and life is the most random game in the world. Some get ill, some don’t. Some die early, some don’t.

Just do your best, do what you think is right for you. And above all, enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy you training, enjoy your eating, then why do it?

I leave you with a question, call it ‘health food’ for thought: If you trained and ate healthily and got into the best shape of your life, and felt incredible – then suddenly, out of the blue – you got ill and/or died, was you unhealthy, or was that just life?

Think about it.

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