Get Bigger by Building Muscle

As you well know, I run a bodybuilding website, but in this article, I won’t be going into tips and methods for building muscle. Instead, I decided to write this article to cater for those who feel they are underweight and wish to gain weight, but wish to do so in the way which they feel is easiest – by getting fat.

Here’s my take on it.

You know, they say the grass is always greener, and how people (particularly those of extremes) always desire what is at the other end of the spectrum. For instance, a fat person wants desperately to be slim and envies those who are, and, an extremely ‘skinny’ person may, in some instances, wish they had more fat on them… or… believes they would rather be fat than skinny.

I like to keep my finger on the pulse as much as possible, and research everything. I check out the forums (not always bodybuilding ones, but weight loss, weight gain, etc.) and I’ve seen many people who felt they were underweight desperate to gain weight. But, the kind of weight they wanted to gain was fat. I’ve actually heard people say they wanted to be fat.

I don’t mean to offend those who carry substantial fat by saying this, but, I feel I have to say this to all those who wish to gain fat: being fat isn’t good, and, actively trying to gain fat has no benefits whatsoever, only downsides.

There is a better way. Gain muscle.

For males or females (particularly males, though) gaining muscle is the ultimate substitute for wanting to gain fat to get bigger. Not only does it look far healthier, it is healthier, and will also make you much more physically strong. It’s unbeatable.

It carries with it a discipline which will change your life – all aspects of your life. Eating to gain weight and become fat won’t change your life for the better, it’ll just make you look bad, feel bad, and also be unhealthy and create potential health problems.

For just 3 hours a week of weight training (Three one hour sessions) you can build a body that you can be proud of, and others will admire. Who admires fat people, besides those who feel they are too skinny and desperate?

Before you embark on getting fat, please, give my way a try. Read this website, learn a little, and have a go. I promise you, when you see the shapely and powerful muscle you are adding to fill your frame out, and get bigger by muscle instead of fat, you’ll feel like a king (or queen). And, others will treat you as such.

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