Exercising with Weights

In truth, I don’t know what ideas you have about exercise, but one thing I do know is, weight training will boost your performance, strength, health and body far better than any other training method I know of.

Hey, if you are into step aerobics, it may well be helping you to lose a few lbs of fat and give your legs and butt some shape, but, add some weight into the equation and suddenly you have an even more effective exercise.

I feel this way about all types of exercise. Even jogging… sure you’ll get a great cardio workout and burn some fat if you’re eating right, but, think of the additional strength and health benefits you’ll gain from jogging with a backpack containing a heavy plate wrapped in foam, or something. It truly is a no-brainer.

So… you can add weights into other training methods, too. But, you also needn’t by shy of working out with weights in the way bodybuilders do. In fact, it’s the ultimate way – the only way – to bring you towards your maximum potential strength and physique wise.

In my mind nothing is better than losing fat and replacing it with smooth, solid muscle. It looks awesome on guys, and sexy as hell on women (well, natural women, anyway).

But, when you exercise with weights, don’t expect to get very far unless you have the right training program for your goals, the right diet (do you want to lose fat or gain muscle?) and are prepared to stick at it for the rest of your life to maintain and better you results.

Whether your goal is fat loss or building muscle (or both) there are many articles on this site which will talk in depth about how (and why) exercising with weights will help you to achieve you goals far quicker than any other type of training you can possibly do.

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