E-Z Curl Bar Exercises

The E-Z curl is an interesting piece of equipment – what on earth can you do with this oddly zigzag shaped bar most beginners wonder.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using the E-Z curl bar in your workouts, depending on which exercises you chose and how your body responds to the varied angles the E-Z curl bar provides to your muscles.

The most popular exercises that use the E-Z curl bar are:

E-Z Bar Standing Curl

Usually preferred over the standard barbell curl due to the reduced stress placed on the wrists, the E-Z bar curl is performed in exactly the same manner, except due to the inward angle of the wrists when performing the exercise, any pain you may of felt when curling a straight barbell will subside.

I curl using the E-Z bar as if I didn’t I fear I would be causing a lot of damage to my wrist joints. I experience a lot of pain when curling a straight bar and if this sounds like you then using an E-Z curl bar is recommended.

E-Z Bar Seated Preacher Curl

Possibly the simplest exercise that exists for targeting only your biceps. Sit yourself down on the preacher bench and allow your elbows to hang off, and while holding the E-Z curl bar, simply curl the bar as you would when standing. The seated preacher curl is advantageous as it’s impossible for you to swing the weight up using your bodyweight and back muscles, thus solely targeting your biceps only.

E-Z Bar Lying Tricep Extensions (Skull Crushers)

Skull crushers as they’re commonly known are a great isolation exercise for the triceps – the muscle that makes up the bulk of your arm mass and as such one you certainly don’t wish to neglect. Simply lay down on your back and hold the E-Z curl bar above your chest, and keeping your arms straight lower the bar until it’s below the back of your head, then raise the bar back up for a complete repetition.

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