Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

I’ve seen this question asked many a time on bodybuilding websites and also on Yahoo! Answers. Unfortunately for the enquirer, they usually get the wrong answer or completely ‘flamed’: “How can a pound of muscle weigh more than a pound of fat, retard!”

What the enquirer means, and most people seem to misunderstand is, would a chunk of fat, and a chunk of muscle in equal volume be of the same weight, or would one weigh more than the other?

It’s a perfectly legit question. Think about it for a second. There are guys out there whose body measurements could be very, very similar in size – but one guy could be caked in fat, while the other could be of very low body fat. And wouldn’t it be interesting to know which guy weighs the most? I think so!

Well, the answer to the question is, in equal volumes, muscle mass weighs around 20 – 25% more than fat. Putting it another way, if you was to fill 2 equal sized containers, one with a pound of muscle, and one with a pound of fat, the one with the fat in would be 20 – 25% more full.

So – next time someone asks this question, you can tell them, in equal volumes, muscle weighs more than fat!

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