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Common Weight Lifting Injuries

I’ve always had pretty good luck when it’s come to injuries. Sure, I’ve had the odd sprain, the odd discomfort here and there – that goes with the territory – but I’ve never torn, dislocated, or well and truly damaged any part of my body.

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Bodybuilding Dangers and Minimizing Risk

You know, it’s a funny thing we do, us bodybuilding types. All our lives our mothers and fathers told us to stay away from dangerous things, yet here we are, laid on our backs several times a week lifting weights above our heads that could equate to a washing machine or more… and just one slip… you get the picture.

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Common Injuries from Weight Lifting and Bodybuilding

Injuries are the absolute bane of weight lifters. They rob us of the chance to continue to enjoy our hobby, since lifting when you are injured is never a good idea, nor a pleasurable one; and at a worse case scenario, they can be the downfall of all your hard work and pretty much end your weight lifting ‘career’.

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Lifting Free Weights without Injury

The most important thing in bodybuilding, or weight lifting in general, is not to build muscles or strength. That’s a real nice thing to do, but that’s not the most important thing. No; it’s to stay safe and injury free.

Is Teenage Bodybuilding Safe?

I get asked this question a lot. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the most common questions, and, like anything else in bodybuilding, is subject to much fanfare, conflicting opinions and debate.