Building Huge Biceps and How to Get Them

Whenever anybody yells: “Show us your muscles!” it’s always the biceps they want to see, isn’t it? Every single time. It’s almost expected. I dare say they’d be disappointed if you actually hit another pose other than the biceps.

Quick-Start Bodybuilding Routine for Building Mass

So, you want mass, huh? Big, tree-trunk legs, thick arms, a chest bigger than your girls’, buns of steel… the whole kit and caboodle… but… you don’t know how to go about it or where to find the routine?

Cardio vs Building Muscle

The difference between cardio and building muscle is like night and day – meaning you need to understand what your actual goal is. Are you looking for a little tone, more endurance and stamina or do you wish to look good with larger muscles?

The Ideal Amount of Reps Required to Build Muscle

There is an ideal amount of reps you should carry out per set when bodybuilding depending on what your goals are. For example the vast majority begin building muscle for size and simply aesthetic reasons – to look better.

The Average Time to Reach Genetic Weight Lifting Plateaus

It will happen – at some point during your bodybuilding ‘career’ shall we say, you will hit plateaus, and some are easier to beat than others. Usually a lack of food is to blame and one can often simply eat more calories per day and get right back on track making more strength and size gains. Other times it’s not …