How to do the Leg Press

I always sense people’s disappointment and sometimes sheer mortification when I tell them the best way to develop their quads is to squat. But, the simple fact of the matter is, some people will never squat no matter how great this exercise is. That’s life.

The Preacher Curl

Achieving great biceps development is an ambition of anyone who trains with weights, and the biceps are indeed the first thing anyone looks at to gauge someone’s physical prowess.

Walking Lunges

In your attempts to build your quadriceps up, you’ve probably heard of, and even tried lunges before… maybe even backward lunges. But, there is another variation which is seldom mentioned, and even more rarely seen in the gyms – and that is walking lunges.

Proper Weight Lifting Techniques

If you’ve had the opportunity to browse through the numerous videos, exercise descriptions, articles and photographs or diagrams on how to perform certain exercises, you’ll no doubt have come to the conclusion that everyone tells you different… sometimes very different.

Hanging Leg Raises

Bored of crunches and other abs exercises? Why not try hanging leg raises, an exercise many believe helps to develop the lower abdominal area more than most do.

Exercises to Strengthen Quadriceps

Quadriceps – commonly referred to as the thigh – is the frontal muscle group of the upper leg, and is both the largest and most powerful muscle group in the entire body. Fred (Dr. Squat) Hatfield said you can’t fire a cannon from a canoe, and he’s right; strong quads are the absolute foundation upon which the body should be …

Latissimus Dorsi Development

If you’ve ever looked at an extremely well developed guy before and seen the curious way in which his arms no longer seem to be able to touch his sides, that’s because of extreme lat development. The lats are a back muscle which more than any other, are responsible for giving the desired V shape.

Abs Exercises That Hit the Obliques

Abdominals – or six pack – tend to be second only to the biceps in the ‘favourite muscle’ competition. In their zeal to develop a calved midsection, people use a whole variety of exercises. Some exercise they use to develop their abs, though, also hit another less-known muscle group, called the obliques.

Dumbbell Exercises to Build Muscle

In the world of pumping iron, no matter whether you are training for strength or size, there’s no doubting the fact that the barbell is seen as the most macho free weight tool. Mostly to blame for this is because of the glossy magazines which show perfectly manicured guys grinning as they effortlessly lift a plastic dumbbell.

Stomach Crunches

Some may say they are a sign of vanity, some may say a sign of malnourishment. Others may say they are the ultimate sign of physical fitness and ‘hot’. Whatever your take on it, when developing the physique we leave no muscle behind.