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Why Some Bodybuilders Are Better Off Not Training To Failure

After doing just a little research a new trainee will see that most people promote the principle of ‘training to failure’. Failure is the time at which the nervous system simply can’t take anymore at a given weight and crashes, causing your muscle contraction to come to an end. Training to failure would seem to make sense in that you …

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Top Strength Coach Says EZ Curl Bars Do Not Build Biceps

Along with dumbbell curls, barbell curls are the most common method of building the biceps with free weights. In fact, many people prefer barbell curls which are more effective for performing cheat curls when loaded with heavier weight. As anyone who has curled will testify, barbell curls with a straight bar can feel a little awkward and when a person …

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Leg Presses: A Machine Alternative For Long-Legged Squatters

While squats are undoubtedly the greatest exercise for building lower body strength, particularly the quads, it’s fair to say that squats aren’t a well-loved exercise for many people. Some people do have a legitimate beef: For people with long legs and a short upper body, squatting can be awkward. The immense forward lean to retain balance not only places the …

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How To Make Mountainous Traps Out Of Molehills

Nothing completes the powerful look like big traps. If you want to improve your upper trap development and have tried shrugs and haven’t gotten the results you’d like then don’t abandon shrugs just yet because I have something for you that’ll help supercharge the effectiveness of shrugs, so the exercise starts to pay dividends for you.

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Why Regularly Changing Muscle Building Exercises Is Critical

It’s incredible to think that even today some people still scoff at the idea of changing exercises regularly in order to continue building muscle. “Why would you need to, do the muscles have little brains which know what you did over the last few weeks?” they ask sarcastically. Others say it’s merely psychological – that on some level you become …

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2 Telltale Signs That Your Muscle Building Workout Worked

When we first embark on a muscle building regime, everything comes so easy. We gain a lot of strength and muscle size quickly and it seems as if we have developed a touch which would make even Midas jealous. Then, before we know it, it all seems to grind to a halt: Our beginner gains are over, and this is …

The 2 Most Vital Muscle Building Exercise Categories

The task of selecting the best muscle building exercises is simply summed up by many as ‘choose the exercises which allow you to lift the heaviest weights’. This may make sense, and it is true in part, but there’s a massive piece of the puzzle missing here which will be explained in this article to hopefully talk you out of …

Build Muscle Power Without Bulk

Not every person lifting weights in the gym are doing so to achieve a powerful looking masculine physique. While there are many guys (and girls) pumping iron and taking all manner of supplements to primarily increase the size

Deadlift Versus Leg Press

Often neglected the legs are an important muscle to train for numerous reasons that are beneficial to your overall muscle development. Without strong legs, you will find it increasingly more difficult to lift weight up to the initial starting position for upper body exercises, such as the barbell curl or standing overhead press.

Build Big Shoulders

Many consider well-rounded and big shoulders to be the most impressive and muscular looking aspect of a well developed body, and I certainly include myself in that category. Shoulders tell a lot about a guy who works out