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Building Lean Muscle with Creatine

Building lean muscle is the ultimate goal of the bodybuilder. Lean muscle, for those unsure, is muscle gain with the absence of fat – something which takes precision in dieting, and particularly intense training sessions.

Does Whey Protein Build Muscle?

Often when people interested in transforming their physique come to me for advice one of their first questions is usually on protein shakes. Unfortunately most are under the impression that all they need to get big is to drink whey protein shakes or powders (without lifting any weights sometimes!) and the blame for this lays directly with the marketers who …

The Truth about Muscle Building Supplements

The amount of supplements for the bodybuilding market is absolutely astronomical – and the frenzy they generate is even more colossal. Each supplement claims to be the best, newest, most advanced formula available. Some claim to be able to pack on unbelievable amounts of muscle on your frame, burn fat quicker than anything else you can possibly do, or give …

What is Muscle Milk?

Muscle Milk is the new supplement everybody is raving about. It’s unlikely you’ll find a single bodybuilding forum, or website, which isn’t abuzz with it. In this article I will explain what it is, if it’s safe and whether or not Muscle Milk is good or bad for you.

Beware the Muscle Mag Industry

Bodybuilding is such an exciting sport, and its participants so keen to learn the latest news, gossip, tips and tricks and reviews on the hottest new products, that I sometimes think we make perfect fodder for the muscle mag industry.

Using Dextrose for Bodybuilding

When you utilize your muscles during a heavy workout, they are depleted of their glycogen – which is what provides the energy to perform exercise to begin with. Having adequate glycogen stores at all times is also important for promoting muscle growth, repair and recovery.