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5 Benefits of Using Creatine

These days, I’d be very surprised if there are any top-flight athlete’s in any sport who don’t use creatine. But, what is the big fascination with this supplement? What exactly are the benefits of using it?

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Fast & Slow Release Muscle Building Protein

Some people try and build serious muscle mass with very few carbohydrates; some try it with very few fats. I’m yet to come across anyone who tried building serious muscle mass without hardly any protein. Protein is the only nutrient which provides nitrogen, and it’s the only nutrient capable of building muscle.

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The Safest Muscle Building Supplement

Having a browse through cyberspace you’ll come across all manner of food, nutrient and vitamin supplements. Some people attribute amazing positive benefits to certain supplements, and can get you so excited you can’t wait to order them yourself… but then… you start to find horror stories.

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Casein Protein Facts

You’ve no doubt heard of whey protein before, and, may even supplement with it. If you’ve never heard of casein protein before, it’s important you familiarize yourself with it and its extra special uses so it provides maximum benefits to you when used properly.

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Essential Supplements for Building Muscle Mass

No doubt there are more supplements out there than it’d be humanly possible to try, and more invented every day. Wouldn’t it be great if they could ban hype in advertising, so everything did exactly what it proposed to do, and, then we’d automatically get to see which are the real ‘essential’ supplements

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Stay Away from Muscle Building Pills

Just a quick search on the internet for building muscle topics and you’ll see a never ending plethora of advertisements pop up for all manner of protein supplements and energy supplements such as creatine and God knows what else.

What Vitamins Help Build Muscle?

There are numerous vitamins that help in the repair and growth of muscle tissue with the most beneficial being Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, in my humble opinion.

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The Best Muscle Building Supplements

I feel there are enough sites out there which recommend specific brands of muscle building supplements. And, as each person has their own personal favourite I feel it a little redundant to tell you mine. Instead, in this article I’m going to take you through several types of supplements which I feel most (if not all) bodybuilders can find beneficial …

Using L-Glutamine for Bodybuilding

Considering bodybuilders only workout for about an hour several times a week, the amount of systemic damage and nutrient depletion which occurs is pretty phenomenal. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that bodybuilders often prop themselves up with nutrients

The Benefits of Glutamine

It can seem the list of supplements, including vitamins and minerals bodybuilders endorse are never-ending, and, for those just beginning it can be a huge turn off when something which appeared as simple as pumping iron to get big muscles turns into a complicated affair involving numerous ‘must take’ supplements.